Motion Graphics
2020 Spring

Do you need to go to different hospitals and doctor’s offices because of the different illnesses?

Do you often fill out your medical records again and again in different doctor offices?

Do you think filling out your medical is a complex process?


This video is about medical records. Every patient is my viewer. Filling out medical records is a complex process when the patient goes to the hospital. Patients may need to waste a lot of time in this part and may need to wait and wait. My app is a good way to gather all patient’s medical records here, and he can send it to every doctor. Concept video can show a guy who is a patient and he is filling his medical record by hand. And then, he needs to line up to hand over it. And then, he turns on the app, he just chooses a doctor, adds his signature and submits. A guy who is app’s stuff, he contacts the doctor, gathers all medical records, and uploads them on the patient’s account. Finally, another guy who is the doctor receives the medical record. The logo appeared.


Script Version

You need your medical records.
But the process is confusing and time-consuming. It's a complicated affair.
You have to fill out your forms by hand, mail them to the doctor's office or your hospital.
And sometimes show up in-person to a collector records. And even then, you wait..and wait.
MyHealth makes processes simple.
It's the one place you can gather all your medical records from any doctor.

And you can do all online, from your home, office even from the mountain.
Just select the doctor, add your signature and send to us.
We contact your doctor on your behalf, collect medical records, upload them on your MyHealth account.
And let you know where already to view, download or share.
This way, your records are there, wherever and whenever you need them.
The smart and secure way. That's MyHealth.






Final Version

MyHealth Concept Video from YingLei_Corinne on Vimeo.


Summary Takeaway

MyHealth is a concept video to solve the problem of medical record flooding. It can help patient and doctors to save time during the treatment. They don't need to Fill out medical records which is a complex process.

How to Project Grows

At the beginning, I interviewed many patients and doctors, and they all felt that there were too many medical records and complicated problems. So I found the pain point and began to think about how to solve this problem. So there is such a concept video.

What I Learned

I learned how to use Adobe AfterEffect, and learned how to design the transitions. It’s cool for me to make my story visualized. I am very grateful to my professor, in the process, I encountered a lot of difficulties, is her patience to answer my questions.